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2003-08-25 - 11:19 a.m.

14 hits in the last 24 hours and not one comment, note, or gbook signing? you guys suck.

i gatti have been renamed once again! favorite_monkey decided that he didn't like the name BB much, but he did agree that Miss Kitty is so appropriate for the little girl. We still wanted something that was more reflective of their individual natures, however. The brother is very protective of his sister, and she stays very close to him. Therefore, the brother is now Gabriel (Hebrew, "Hero of God") and the sister, while still being called Miss Kitty, the prissy little brat, will now be known as Akiva (Hebrew, "Protected"). And they are again sleeping on either side of me on the desk.

Fine, i'll talk about something else:

I entered a photography contest awhile back (with this photo) and i got a letter a few days ago that i made it to the semi-finals! Sure, i could use another award.

Looking for another apartment has yielded some main concern is finding a place that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for pets! There are a few nice and rather inexpensive complexes right down the street from where favorite_monkey works, but they want a $300 deposit per pet, with only $100 of that refundable. WTF? That seems highly unreasonable to me. At least in this complex they just charge you an extra $10 per pet a month. When you think about it, that's only an extra $120 a year, per animal. I did find, however, a few that didn't say anything about pet deposits or had reasonable ones that still looked like nice complexes. I hate the idea of's just such a pain in the ass. All the paperwork...gah. I really don't want to stay here another year, though, so i guess it evens out. Also, if these cats don't work out, i won't have to worry about deposits for them. Guess we'll see.

Ignacio is a cool name for a hurricane.


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